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Why Choose Our Cabins

Our custom cabins are constructed to last, with treated floor systems, engineered roof trusses, and 40 year metal siding & roofing.  They are durable enough to endure the harsh elements and wet weather of the South.  All of our cabins come standard with pre-stained  porches and have a great visual appearance. The Cabin style is ideal for making a home office, recording studio, playhouse in the backyard, or for anything you want. 

Customize Your Cabin

Your cabin can be ordered with many custom options to make it just right for you.  If you are planning to insulate and finish out your cabin, you will definitely want to request some of our upgrades.   We can put the wall studs & roof trusses 24″ or 16″ OC so that your cabin be easily insulated, add bubble wrap or Tyvek to the walls, install vented ridge for attic ventilation, put in vinyl insulated windows, and much more.  We do offer electrical packages as well, with upgrades to include exterior lighting and outlets.  Contact us for more information on our add-on options.

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Standard Features Of Cabins

If you want a quality building, beautiful in appearance, with many upgrades available, then our Cabin may be the right option for you.

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We understand you might not want to shop for your new shed or portable building with a salesperson pressuring you. At Mountain View Barns, that doesn’t happen anyway, but we keep our lots available and open 24 hours for you to browse our build quality without any pressure whatsoever.