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Custom Lofted Barns

Extra Low Cost Storage

Need extra storage? Consider a lofted barn.

Our Lofted Barns take the barn style buildings to another level.  By adding lofts, you increase the amount of storage space without adding to the overall size of your building.  Lofts are built heavy duty to support a large number of storage boxes or other household items and can be easily accessed.  The gambrel roof style makes a taller space above the loft, allowing for tall objects or totes to fit.  Lofts can be placed in the location that best fits your needs and in longer buildings they can positioned to be accessed from both sides. 

Custom Lofted Barns for sale
Tri-State Corner custom lofted barns

Customize your Lofted Barn

Lofted barns can be customized to add more loft space, windows, or other upgrades.  Windows can be installed above the loft or in other locations to let in plenty of natural light.  The Lofted barn above shows the doors with transom windows installed, which not only lets in natural light, but also gives a very nice visual appeal.  We have standard lofts lengths in our different size buildings, but the loft sizes can be changed or increased to meet your specific needs.  Please contact us for more details on upgrade options.

Standard Features Of Lofted Barns

The Lofted Barn is a great choice for customers who require more storage space. The gambrel (barn-style) roof adds to the overall loft space while retaining a conventional appearance.

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